Why Drupal?

Does your current site really help you do business online?

Why Drupal?

“Great and Mature CMS + Thriving Community Support + built on PHP the most widely deployed web technology = Drupal Awesomeness”

Why Drupal?

Drupal is widely considered as one of the most versatile and agile Content Management Systems (CMS) available. It enjoys a thriving open source community and wide adoption both in commercial, high profile web applications and in the public sector (e.g. government or academia projects and services).

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Content Managment Systems

CMS systems were conceptually designed to streamline and ease the process of creating dynamic web sites such as blogs and news portals. However, CMS systems nowadays have evolved into full-fledged development frameworks and can be used to create web applications that comply with complex, diverse functional specifications. Moreover modern CMS systems provide great extensibility through their modular architecture.

What makes Drupal the best choice

Drupal boasts some unique architectural characteristics that set it apart from its competition (e.g. Wordpress, Joomla) when it comes to custom tailored web applications. Specifically, Drupal offers a unified way to model and handle business entities (i.e. users, web pages, eCommerce products, comments or any other entity that applies to a particular business domain). Therefore, Drupal modules can leverage the solid and comprehensive entity API in order to extend the behaviors and the characteristics of the modeled entities in a straightforward and standardized way. For example there are the Views and Rules modules. Views allows the Drupal administrators to create effortlessly complex database queries without ever having to worry with the intricacies of the underlying database schema or having to write SQL code. Rules provides a graphical interface that allows administrators to quickly model business processes based on predefined and customizable list of events, conditions and actions. Moreover Drupal provides site administrators with unprecedented control over the permissions and access rights for the different site stakeholders. One important benefit of this feature is that administrators can create an uncluttered and easy to use User Interface (UI) for non-administrative users by hiding away internal configuration options.

What does this mean for company?

Drupal brings you control. Manage your content, your business processes, your access policy and your commerce operations with unprecedented ease and versatility. You don’t want your company site to serve as a glorified leaflet. You want to extend your business operations online. CodeFactory leverages Drupal’s power to build real tools for the internet.

Drupal 8

The new version of Drupal is coming soon to revolutionize the CMS industry once again. Drupal 8 features a completely new configuration management system suitable for version control and a robust testing subsystem. Thus the new version of Drupal effectively solves the long standing issues that plagued the use of CMS systems in enterprise application. Learn more…

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