Why Responsive?

Is your current site easy to navigate and use on a mobile phone?

Why Responsive?

Because your site should display perfectly in every device

Why Responsive?

The proliferation of the mobile devices in the recent years is an undisputed reality. An ever increasing percentage share of users is accessing the internet via a tablet or a smart phone. The audience of the mobile users should be a top priority for every modern site or web application.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design provides a consistent and comprehensive way to address this challenge. Specifically, Responsive Design provides a great experience for both desktop and mobile users. It eliminates the additional cost of designing and maintaining a separate mobile version of the web application and furthermore it is seamlessly supported by all major browsers.

Mobile App Vs Responsive Design

A native mobile application offers unmatched performance and almost unlimited versatility in the way users interface it and use it. Well targeted mobile apps thrive as they offer excellent brand recognition, direct monetization channels and optimum offline experience. However in most cases building a separate mobile app is a totally unnecessary and useless expense.

Responsive sites:

  • are easier to use because they don’t require downloading and installation
  • are compatible with virtually every device regardless of its operation system
  • can provide all the required functionality
  • are easier to promote with classic advertising methods and SEO

I plan to build a native application. Do I still need a responsive site?

The answer is clearly yes. In fact a responsive site is complementary to your app. Potential clients typically arrive on your site through search engines. You want their first impression to be perfect. Your site should be optimized for mobile users in every case.

Responsive Site Checklist

  • Site navigation and data input is optimized for touch screens
  • Content is reorganized to fit the screen size
  • Content which is not essential hidden away to unclutter the space
  • Image size is optimized to favor faster download times over quality

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