It is great to work with real Software Engineers

In CodeFactory we believe that Web Development is much more than plumping. Our clients understand that there is no substitute for expert coding skills.

Software Engineering

Web Development today is more challenging than ever as we move from Presentation to Application. It takes expert software engineering skills to create a great modern Web Application. Codefactory provides the code that makes successful Web Apps

Our Values

CodeFactory is a small yet agile and proficient Web Development Company. Codefactory adheres to standard web technologies, adopts the best practices and leverages expert skills in order to deliver robust solutions to its clients. We are committed to excellence, timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

WEB Development

Drupal and Laravel

  • Corporate Sites
  • e-Commerce
  • Facebook Apps
  • Travel Agencies
  • Web Magazines
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DRUPAL Consulting

Competitive Rates

ODesk Certified
  • Module Development
  • Migration Issues
  • Optimization
  • Integration Issues
  • REST Services
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GAME Development


Web Skill Games
  • Pure HTML/JS
  • Responsive
  • Custom Rules
  • Score Tracking
  • Virtual Coins
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Software Engineering
  • Gov Portals
  • Spec Analysis
  • Marketplaces
  • Virtualization
  • System Integration
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